Duke of Edinburgh's Award


Think there’s more to life than hangovers and Netflix marathons?

Want to take on a challenge that will see you getting fit, learning new skills, contributing to your community, and going off on an adventure?

Then sign up to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award!

Along your DofE journey you’ll discover new things about yourself, face personal challenges that will test your limits, and explore some of the stunning Scottish countryside. Completing your award demonstrates commitment, adaptability, leadership and the willingness to overcome a challenge!

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) is open to anyone up to the age of 24 and ENSA is here to help you achieve your Award, whether you’re totally new to it or already started somewhere else.

The DofE is recognised internationally and run in 132 countries around the world. It’s been going since 1956 yet still resonates with potential employers, many picking it out as something they specifically look for on CVs.

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How it Works

(See the Award in Depth page for more info)

Step 1: Choose your challenge: Bronze (6 months) Silver (12 months) or Gold (18 months)

Step 2: Meet your DofE Coordinator: we support you through your Award, from signing up and helping you pick your section activities, to expedition training and preparation.

Step 3: Sort your sections: you need to complete 4 sections of activity (5 for Gold level) to achieve your DofE. Each section takes a different amount of time, and you can choose what you want to do for each of them. The sections are:

  • Volunteering – give back to the community
  • Physical – get fit and active
  • Skills – learn something new
  • Expedition – go on an adventure
  • Residential (Gold only) – learn and socialise in a new setting

Step 4: Manage your progress: you will get an online account to plan what you will be doing, upload photos and videos, and write about your experiences.

Test your resolve, boost your cv, push yourself to achieve, and do something different with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

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