Advice & Guidance

ENSA Advice offers an e-mail helpline service during the Coronavirus pandemic:

What is ENSA Advice?

ENSA Advice is the only independent and confidential student advice service on campus.
ENSA Advice employs a team of professional advisers to provide one-to-one advice to Edinburgh Napier University students. It’s a free and comprehensive welfare rights and education service for Edinburgh Napier University students and is used by around 1000 students every year for a wide range of issues.
The personal information you provide to ENSA advisers will remain confidential and will not be shared with anyone unless they have your consent to do so. When you see an adviser and take advice or representation from them, you can be confident that nobody outside the ENSA Advice team will have access to your private information.
ENSA Advice assists many students every year with a whole range of topics from education  issues such as:
  • Academic Appeals
  • Fit to Sit and Extenuating circs 
  • Course Problems and Regulations
  • Disciplinary Hearings
  • Suspension and withdrawal

    and any kind of welfare issue such as:
  • Money Advice
  • Information on Funding
  • Debt Management
  • Tenancy, Landlord and Accommodation Issues
  • Employment Rights and Tax
  • Benefits
  • Immigration and Visas
  • Complaints Negotiation
  • Health Issues
  • Sexuality and Safe Sex

Deadline Dates for Extenuating Circumstances and Appeals will appear here:

Appeals Information

Extenuating Circumstances Information

Complaints Procedures