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There are more than 300 Programme Reps at Edinburgh Napier University. Every year of every programme of study needs at least one and, depending on the size of your class, usually two or three students to be Reps. These Reps can raise students’ issues and suggestions for improvements with the teaching staff on their programme regarding things such as:

  • time-tabling problems
  • missed tuition
  • exam schedules
  • assessment frequency and methods
  • feedback on assessments
  • placement standards
  • equipment standards and allocation

Being a Rep is a great way to gain valuable experience while on your course (it'll look great on your CV), develop your skills and win improvements for yourself and your class colleagues. The time commitment is pretty low (just a few hours each month) and you will learn a lot from the experience.

Your Programme Leader should ask your class for volunteers at the start of term. Let them know if you are interested.

ENSA will provide you with online induction training and give you tips on how to be an effective Rep. We will also offer support and advice wherever needed to allow you to represent the thoughts of your class colleagues to the University in the most effective way possible.

The University needs student input into its decision-making, to keep it up-to-date and relevant in what it delivers to its students. ENSA’s system of Programme Representation is recognised as one of the best in Scotland and it is a strength that we hope new students will be able to build on. 

Meet and network with passionate, positive people
Develop your inter-personal skills
Develop effective working relationships with teaching staff
Boost your CV and improve your employability
Win improvements for your class

The Role of a Programme Rep

  • To make sure your colleagues know that you are the Rep and how they can contact you (e.g. create a class facebook or whatsapp group)
  • To build relationships with the students, other Reps, academics and support staff.
  • To actively listen to the students on your programme and seek out their views, especially when there are changes to the programme being proposed or there are problems.
  • To always explore with your fellow students what outcomes they want from any representation you make on their behalf.
  • To make sure you represent the majority opinion in class, not only the views of the most outspoken students. 
  • To represent collective views, not your own, nor those of individuals or small groups.
  • Report back to the students on your programme after meetings or other representations.

ENSA will send you regular info updates throughout the year and, if you hit problems, our Co-President for Education & Employability is here to help you. 

If you'd like to find about more ways you can participate in activities and conversations which can influence the quality of learning and teaching at the University, and improve the experiences of our students, check out the Student Voice pages on MyNapier.

Upcoming Forums for Reps

  • Tuesday 19 March, 3-5pm at Merchiston, E03

Join online

Reps from all schools of study are invited to join these Forums. Free refreshments will be provided. 

For more info please contact our Co-President for Education & Employability.

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