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Practical ideas on how to raise funds for your Society or organisation

If your society needs funds to expand and offer more, then there are many ways in which you can raise money to support this.

Below are some useful ideas and links to generate income through fundraising. Fundraising requires students to be creative and proactive.

An innovative way your society can raise funds through its members is to sign up for Easy Fundraising. It provides a FREE fundraising service where funds can be raised for the club by your members every time they shop online.

Choose from over 2000 of the UK’s best-known retailers including many popular names such as Just Eat, ASOS, M&S, John Lewis and When you shop using the links on the site up to 15% from every purchase made is donated to the club.

This could provide an ongoing source of funding for the club. Find out more and how to register at:

Selling Advertising

Small firms can get good publicity and create valuable goodwill by sponsoring a society's event.

Sell your event, and the benefits that come from sponsoring it, including the number of members and guests. Tell potential sponsors about any related publicity, such as posters and online media, all of which is good exposure for the business.

Sponsorship can also be a much cheaper way of getting the company name known, as traditional marketing campaigns are often much more expensive.

Sponsored Challenges

Fun walks, Half Marathons or a bath of beans – great to raise money and heighten the profile of your society. Get a newspaper to mention the event beforehand, and ask a reporter to come down to cover it.

Ensure that members engage in the challenge. You could also try and get local businesses involved, that may relate to the event in some way.

Quiz Nights

These can get your local community involved. If promoted correctly, this can be a great way to attract possible new members, engage with the local community and at the same time make money for your society. This could tie in with other ideas, such as raffles or auctions.

Think about your target audience when designing the quiz, and create a community feel to attract as many non-members as possible.

Car Boot Sales

Why not go down to your local one and set-up a stall there? Get members involved by asking them to do shifts on the stall, as well as contributing things to sell on the day.

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