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ENSA Support for Transnational Education (TNE) and Global Online Students

Edinburgh Napier Students’ Association, better known as ENSA, is an independent charity that exists to improve the student experience for its members, the 19,000 students of Edinburgh Napier University based in Edinburgh and around the world. 

If you are studying outside of Scotland as a Global Online Student or on an Edinburgh Napier University TNE programme, ENSA can offer support through providing advice and guidance on academic-related matters and through supporting students to represent their interests.

ENSA Advice

ENSA Advice offers independent and confidential advice and guidance for students and can support you with the following education-related matters*:

  • Problems on your course
  • ‘Fit to sit’, extenuating circumstances and academic appeals
  • Fitness to practice (for students in Health & Social Care)
  • Academic misconduct
  • Discipline and complaint hearings

Because ENSA Advice is independent of the University, our advisers can:

  • Explain what the university rules mean in practice
  • Advise you on your options
  • Prepare you for meetings with the University
  • Help you to fill out forms or write a letter of support for you
  • Identify the right person for you to talk to if we can’t help directly

Our experienced and professional Advice Team aims to empower you by outlining the options that are available to you and explaining the potential consequences, so that you can decide for yourself the best course of action to take.

If you require support, you should write to

*For TNE programmes the level and type of support we can offer will depend on how your course is delivered.

Programme Representatives

It’s important for students to have a vehicle for providing feedback and raising concerns in relation to their course. Each year ENSA supports and trains over 300 Edinburgh Napier University students who have been chosen by their classmates to represent their interests on issues affecting their course, such as: timetabling, assessment methods, placement standards, missed tuition, and exam schedules.

There are Reps – often more than one – for every year and every programme of study. ENSA trains Reps so that they can effectively represent their classmates’ concerns to the University. If you have a concern about your course, you should get in touch with your Programme Rep.

If you’d like to serve as a Programme Rep, let your Programme Leader know.

You can find out more about the Programme Rep system here.

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