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electionsStudent Elections 

Every year, Edinburgh Napier University students vote to elect fellow students who will lead ENSA and act as representatives and spokespeople on their behalf. 

If you’re a current Edinburgh Napier University student on a taught course, you will have a chance both to run for a Student President post and to vote in the student elections. 

There are 3 full time, paid, 'Full-Time Officers' who take a year out of their studies or add a year onto the end of their degree to work for ENSA as Student Co-Presidents. 

They are all elected by a poll of Edinburgh Napier University students and take up office in the summer following their election for a term of office that lasts one year. 


Voting is done electronically. All registered Edinburgh Napier University students who are active on a programme of study are entitled to vote and encouraged to do so. The elected students will be making decisions that can affect all of those studying at Edinburgh Napier University, so you should vote for whomever you think would do the best job on your behalf. It only takes a couple of minutes and you can read up about the candidates on this website when election time comes around.

Running for Office

If you fancy running for office yourself, you do not need any experience of “student politics” or any particular skills, as training will be provided. You do need some commitment, energy and, above all, a wish to build a better Edinburgh Napier University for its students. Past winners have come from a diverse range of backgrounds and programmes of study.

Information about how to nominate yourself is usually released in January every year ahead of elections being held in early March. Find out more here.

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