LGBT+ History Month


February is LGBT+ History Month! It’s an opportunity to celebrate LGBT+ culture, reflect on LGBT+ history and look at what still needs to be done to improve the rights of LGBT+ people. 

Webinar Series

At ENSA we have decided to celebrate this month by partnering with different student associations across the UK to offer a programme of webinars about LGBT+ life. These are being hosted by Derby Union and will run every Monday and Wednesday throughout February. You can have a look at the event descriptions here

At these webinars you'll be able to hear a panel of staff and students (some from Edinburgh Napier) talk about different themes surrounding the experience of being LGBT+. 

Podcast Discussion

On the 25th of February, we will be having an online discussion event about an episode of the Log Books podcast (ep10 "A Crude Form of Censorship). The Log Books is an award-winning history of LGBT+ life in Britain as noted by volunteers at the helpline Switchboard. You can listen to the podcast here:

Influential Figures

Make sure to also keep an eye out for our regular posts on our Team Napier Facebook Page for influential LGBT+ people who made an important contribution to their field!

LGBT+ History Month Scotland Events

You can also go and check out the official LGBT+ History Month Scotland events here:

Support and Networks

If you would like to chat to an LGBT+ Napier staff member about your experience of being LGBT+ you can email

Here are some other places that you can go for if you need support or advice: