Save a Life



Give Blood. Save a Life.

Over 25% of us require blood at least once in our lifetime. Blood only has a short shelf-life and there are several different blood types, so a regular supply of donations is needed to maintain stock levels for treating the patients who need it to survive. All Edinburgh Napier students and staff are encouraged to join ENSA’s campaign and make a donation. Just one blood donation could save or improve the lives of up to three people!

You can check if you're eligible to donate blood online and read more about the process in this leaflet (PDF).

Where to donate:

To give blood you must make an appointment. The main Edinburgh Blood Donor Centre is based at 41 Lauriston Place, EH3 9HB.

It is also possible to book an appointment to give blood at the following locations in and around Edinburgh:

  • Tynecastle Park
  • Davidson’s Mains
  • Oriam (@ Heriot-Watt University)
  • Musselburgh
  • Penicuik
  • Dalgety Bay
  • Tranent
  • Port Seton


Organ Donation

Around 500 people in Scotland each year are waiting on a transplant that could save their life. Sadly, there are not enough donors to help all these people. However, all of us, regardless of our age and health, can do something to help. Your decision to donate organs and tissues upon your death could give someone else a second chance of life. If you are unable to donate blood, you could still be a potential organ and tissue donor.

Scotland has recently changed to an ‘opt out system’, for organ donation, to help save and improve lives. If adults (over 16) have not confirmed whether they want to be a donor or not, they will automatically be considered for donation of their organs and tissue when they die, unless they have chosen to 'opt out'.

You can still choose whether or not you want to be an organ and tissue donor by talking to your family about it and letting them know your decision.

Your family will be asked about your latest views to ensure donation doesn’t go ahead if it’s against your wishes. Your faith, beliefs and culture will always be respected.

If they are not aware that you had any objection, donation could go ahead and your family would be expected to support this.

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