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vishalName: Vishal Khattar
Running for: Co-President for Education & Employability
Course: Masters of Business Administration
Year: 1
Matric: 40523609

  • Increase the internship and placement offer by strengthening the relationship with the employers and have the opportunity for Napier students to enhance their skills.
  • Recording of live session to be continued and maintained to help students to replay the learning.
  • Every module should have an optional placement module semester which will provide students with the real industry experience.
  • Developing and implementing a detailed Environmental Sustainability Strategy to reduce the carbon content and reach the goal of Net Zero Carbon emission at Edinburgh Napier University.
  • Ensuring that the University policies around submission are fairer and there is no additional pressure on students. For example, to forbid negative marking in all departments across the university
  • Promoting and supporting fund raising activities for all the societies of Edinburgh Napier University.
  • I will work to ensure that the feedback provided to the students is detailed enough to know where improvements can be made.
  • I am determined that ENSA would continue to campaign and lead on issues which matter the most to our students, such as rise in tuition fees, safety of our students on and off campuses, housing and accommodations, car parking and library facilities.


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