Geou Akshil for President Societies & Community

GeouName: Geou Akshil Sugeen Kumarsamuel
Running for: President for Societies & Community
Course: MSc Renewable Energy 
Year: Postgraduate
Matric: 40515561


I believe in ‘If we fail to plan, we plan to fail’. I am Geou Akshil SK, finishing up my MSc in Renewable energy; a sincere doer. Having been a student at the Napier University and served as a program representative gave me the thought of contesting the President election looking at the number of possible implications that as a team, we would be able to deliver.

I come with a clear understanding of the difficulties of an international student in the UK counting from homeless days to mental breakdowns and most importantly financial crunch.  ENSA was a great support for all of these however, as a student I realized the need for improvisation and below is my manifesto.  

  • Battle against student poverty through improvising the idea of free breakfast by implementing a community cooking space 
  • Develop a platform to meet people and possibly create a dating facility for students to escape loneliness 
  • Improve the quality of international student experience with more campus events 
  • We have got clubs which we are introduced to however, there would be time to time advertisements and campaigns about the possibilities 
  • Build a sustainable model leading to employability at the campus level for students  
  • The major issue with accommodation shall be dealt with through building various strategies as a collective effort 
  • Improved parking facilities across campuses and reducing difficulties with application development by car pooling  
  • Parenting should not stop people from studying; kids’ room in the library would be proposed  
  • A transparent review and communication system where student feedback is monitored on a daily basis using technology  
  • LGBTQ rights and forums to express feelings would be build 
  • Longer duration lectures shall be broken down with improved teaching and learning methods 
  • Industry collaborations and practical way of teaching and learning shall be emphasized  

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