President for Societies & Community

Presidential Portfolio:

  • To be designated as the President for primary University contact and to be the primary  spokesperson and representative on matters relating to the student community in its generality and its constituent parts, including student societies.   
  • To be the primary spokesperson and chief representative of the student body to University senior management and the University Court.  
  • To work to create the conditions, culture and extra-curricular activities to support the development of a shared sense of student identity that transcends academic programmes and campus locations and builds communities amongst members. This shall include making representations to the University over improvement of the Estate and facilities to support this aim.  
  • To promote active student engagement by members in student societies and student communities, and to contribute to the organisation of events aimed at building student communities. 
  • To evidence the impact of extra-curricular activities on students’ development and employability and campaign for wider recognition and support for this as core to the overall student experience.  
  • To enhance society office holders’ effectiveness and the development of student societies through regular communications, publications and involvement in training events. 
  • To convene the Societies Forum (a minimum of twice annually, once in each of the first two trimesters) and take forward business from this Forum to the ENSA 50 and other forums. 

Shared Responsibilities of Co-Presidents:

  • To be a co-equal Director of the Corporate Trustee and to play a full part in its business and in the strategic development of the Association. 
  • To act collectively as the democratic leadership of the student body at Edinburgh Napier University and on behalf of the Association’s members to improve the student experience. 
  • To convene the Association’s Forums and ad hoc student groups and support the work of the ENSA 50. 
  • To develop student-facing policy portfolios. 
  • To lead and support representations and campaigns on behalf of the Association’s membership to raise awareness and win improvements on its behalf. 
  • Regularly and actively to engage with students in person, and via the Association’s social media and other communication channels to keep them updated about the Association and its work and to seek their views. 
  • To support the Association’s events, including training, campaigns and Freshers Week. 
  • To attend and participate in a range of working groups, committee meetings, and forums in a representative capacity to advance the interests of the membership. 
  • To deliver on manifestos. 
  • To participate in the work of the University and with external associations and agencies where this is consistent with the strategic aims of the Corporate Trustee; is within the Charitable Objects of the Association; and is in accordance with the policy portfolios. 
  • To undertake the specific roles assigned to their Presidential/ Co-Presidential post.

This post is full-time (for a 1 year term) and require those elected to either take a year out of their studies or to take up their role immediately following graduation.

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