Finding a Job

There are several opportunities for student jobs with the University that are posted throughout the term, including:

  • Student Ambassadors
  • Disability and Inclusion Student Ambassadors
  • International Student Ambassadors
  • Widening Participation Student Ambassadors

If you are willing to take a year out of your studies, or add a year on once you graduate, you could also consider running for one of ENSA's full-time Student President posts. These are paid jobs for a term of office lasting one year, starting in July. Nominations open early in the new year.

MyFuture Jobs Board

There are also a wide range of employment opportunities listed on the myFuture jobs board. These range from part-time roles whilst you are studying, to exciting graduate-level roles.

Finding work elsewhere

Often the best method for finding a position outside of the university is to print your CV and walk to local businesses to ask if they are hiring. If this method is too forward, these online sources are a great start:

Additional resources: Save the Student has a good summary of the best student job websites.

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