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Separate Opportunity from Hype

Separate Opportunity from Hype

Monday 08 April 2019
8pm - 9pm
Merchiston Campus, Room C18

Ben Whittle, Crypto Asset Analyst, Investor, and Writer, will discuss how we can separate quality blockchain projects from the hype, vaporware, and outright scams that unfortunately still dominate large parts of the industry.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are often presented as a panacea to all manner of existing problems. The reality is that this technology, when used properly, ensures that certain tradeoffs must be made. Businesses and organizations need to be sure that their market problem can actually be solved with a blockchain.

In his talk, Ben will outline some of the parameters, tests, and questions we can apply to make sure we are not misled. The crypto asset markets are growing at unbelievable speeds and keeping informed about new technologies, opportunities and projects can be problematic. By the end of this talk, you will have a clear and simple understanding of how to better identify quality blockchain projects and crypto assets.


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