Your Freshers Week - FAQs

We realise Freshers Week can be a little bit overwhelming - there's lots happening and a lot of info to take in! So here are answers to frequently asked questions about Freshers Week, all in one handy place.

Where can I buy a Freshers Week wristband?

Freshers Week Clubber's Wristbands are now available to pre-order online. Pre-ordered wristbands and tickets can be collected from Napier Fest on Sunday 8th September (2 - 6pm), as well as from the ENSA Office in Room B34, Merchiston Campus (Monday to Friday, 12 - 4pm).

Clubber's Wristbands will also be available to buy at Key Collection on Friday 6th September and Saturday 7th September at Craiglockhart Campus, as well as at Napier Fest on Sunday 8th September (2-6pm) at The Three Sisters, 139 Cowgate.

If you cannot attend either of these events, they will also be available to buy from ENSA at Room B34, Merchiston Campus (12 - 4pm Monday to Friday).

Will I be able to buy individual tickets for the nightclub events?

Yes, these will also be available at Napier Fest on Sunday 8th September. You can also buy individual event tickets from the ENSA Office in Room B34, Merchiston Campus (12 - 4pm, Monday to Friday).

Where do I collect my wristband/tickets if I pre-ordered online?

You can collect your pre-paid wristbands and tickets from the pre-paid collection desk at Napier Fest on Sunday 8th September (2 - 6pm) at The Three Sisters. Valid ID (driving licence or passport) and your confirmation email is required.

Where can I collect my pre-bought wristband if I am unable to attend Napier Fest?

You will also be able to collect your pre-paid wristbands and tickets on the door at the Welcome Party. You can also pick up your pre-paid wristbands and tickets from the ENSA Office in Room B34, Merchiston Campus from Monday 9th September (12 - 4pm). Remember to bring valid ID.

Do I have to be 18 to purchase a wristband?

Yes. Due to Scottish Licensing laws, we are not permitted to have anyone under the age of 18 in any of the venues after 9:30pm. We appreciate this is not an ideal situation, but it is totally outwith our control. To this end, we have offered an extensive choice of daytime events, along with our free Freshers Fair, Napier Fest, Sports Fest and The Freshers Open Pitch & Putt events, to cater for our younger students.

What kind of ID do I need to show?

You will need to provide Proof of Age at the venues throughout the week.

Only a passport or driving licence will be accepted as proof of age. Young Scot cards are generally not accepted by many venues in Edinburgh.

I’m a returning student going into 2nd/3rd/4th year. Am I allowed to attend?

Yes! Students from all years of study are welcome to attend Freshers Week. It's not just for first years, so get involved

My friend wants to come to a certain event but is not a student/not at Edinburgh Napier - can they get a ticket?

Yes, you are welcome to bring a friend. Most events are open to the general public and students from other Universities!

Does the wristband guarantee me entry?

Entry will be based on the capacity of the venue - you won't be able to get in if the venue is full! Door staff also reserve the right to refuse anyone entry, even with a wristband, if they are deemed to be intoxicated or a possible threat to other people. So makes sure you arrive early and in a fit state to get into the club!

How do I know if the wristband is going to be worth it?

The wristbands are a very popular choice for students who plan on attending most of the club events. If you plan on going to everything you can save over 23% compared to paying for each event individually. However, if you can only make one or two events during the week, we advise that you buy individual tickets for the events you wish to attend.

What does the wristband include?

The Wristband includes:

Do I need to print out my email confirmation?

Not necessarily. If you are able to show us your e-ticket on your mobile phone, you do not need to print it out. We keep a record of all online sales and will cross-reference it, so there is no duplication.

I’ve bought a ticket online for my friend, can I collect it for them?

No. Tickets bought online must be collected in person by attendees, for age verification. Wristbands must also be worn from the collection point for the duration of Freshers Week.

Can I turn up without a ticket and pay “on the door” at the events?

Yes, subject to availability. Some events are likely to sell-out in advance. Make sure you stay up-to-date by checking our Facebook page and website to ensure you don’t waste a journey. We will make an announcement whenever events are sold out. It is strongly recommended that you buy a ticket in advance to avoid disappointment.

Why are the special ticketed events not included in the wristband?

The simple reason is: there is not enough space for everyone!

Our special ticketed events have very limited ticket numbers and cannot accommodate hundreds of participants. We have however worked really hard to ensure that the ticket prices offer a great discount on the cost of the event, compared to what you would pay outside of Freshers Week.

Can I buy advance tickets for the special ticketed events?

Yes. Tickets will be available for the special ticketed events online, as well as at the Key Collection days at Craiglockhart and at Napier Fest on Sunday 8th September. They will also be available from ENSA in Room B34, Merchiston Campus (12- 4pm, Monday to Friday).

What happens if an event is cancelled?

If there is little interest in a certain event, we may change or cancel the event. In this instance, you will receive a refund, where possible.

I’ve booked a special ticketed event – how do I get there?

The event publicity/tickets will tell you the meeting point. Look out for the Freshers Rep or signs. Try and arrive 5-10 minutes before the scheduled leaving time. Transport is included for these events only where stated.

My wristband has been damaged, can I get a replacement?

Yes. If you bring your damaged wristband to the ENSA Office in Room B34, Merchiston Campus, it will be exchanged for a new one. However if you lose your wristband, we cannot provide a new one.

If there's anything you are still not sure about, send us an e-mail at or get in touch on our Facebook Page.

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