Welcome to ENSA's Ideas Forum! This is where you can submit an idea for any changes you'd like to see at the University or your Students' Association. You can also vote and comment on ideas submitted by other students!

The Ideas Forum is an easy way for you to get in touch, let us know what changes need to be made, and to get your voice heard. Let us know what it is you care about!


1. Submit Your Idea

Your idea could be about almost anything related to student life. It could be a campaign you think ENSA should be involved in, a type of event you would like to see, a suggestion for a new society or sports clubs, about campus facilties, anything you like really! You can choose to submit your idea anonymously if you'd prefer.

2. Students Vote on the Idea

Once you have submitted an idea, other students will get the opportunity to comment on it, and can vote it up or down depending on if they agree or not. The more students who vote for your idea, the more power we have to try and action it! 

3. Action is Taken

All of the ideas will be read by ENSA's Full-Time Officers. Where appropriate, ideas will be taken forward for further discussion by the Executive Committee and/or Student Council/The ENSA 50.


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Filip Rasinski
11:10pm on 13 Nov 20 Great idea! I am up for it :)
Ankit Duggal
4:33pm on 1 Dec 20 Moodle can be used for this purpose just by providing a chat option. so that students can see who else is in their course or in the same module.
Craig Reid
1:39pm on 17 Dec 21 Just an update in case anyone hadn't noticed - this idea was adopted and we now have our Buddy System up and running! We're looking for volunteers to become 'buddies' - check out for info


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