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    Cycle support to promote Active Traveling

      The purpose of this idea is to promote Cycling and provide support for cycling facilities with various activities such as bike to hire, bike tour, bike workshops and cycle learning. A lot of information was gathered form the report generated by Campus Cycling Officers (Carola Böttcher). This is an extension project to support the Edinburgh Napier University Active travel project run by Jamie Pearson (Environmental Sustainability Manager). Students are very much interested in cycling and often looking for bike to hire for a short time. Such as our sustainability society has organised the event called Bike powered film screening. In this event the members pushed the bikes on equipped stands and produce the electricity to power the movie screen. Triathlon club, student accommodation, and many other students often look for bike hire opportunity. Especially EU & international students who attend our university for just one semester. It will also provide some support to the students who have lost their bicycle due to theft, vandalism, & accident. Benefits of the Project 1. Bikes for hire can assist to reduce the parking issues at Merchiston Campus. Some of the staff and students already park the vehicles at free spaces near Craiglockhart campus and walk to Merchiston. 2. Bike hire will motivate more people who are concerned about time consumption. Besides it is connected with wellbeing by means of inspiration to exercise. 3. Moreover, this would also provide Edinburgh Napier University a platform to showcase their innovated idea to support sustainability along with wellbeing of students and staff. 4. ENU will revive the Volunteering opportunities in campus. 5. ENU is already accessing funds for this from last 4 years that can be expanded. 6. In the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic students and staff are concerned over social distance and avoiding the public transport. This will facilitate the active transport and good health. 7. ENU can showcase this on open day and visitors can use it around the campuses avoiding the parking issues. 8. Students & staff can use the facility for cycle tour around city as we did with the help of bridge 8 hub (who provide the bikes) near the Sighthill Campus on 23rd October 2020, Friday. 9. The facility can be used for fresher week and welcome week for student engagement and outdoor activity. Specially Edinburgh is a tourist city any new students come they want to explore the beauty of the city. 10. This project will provide an opportunity for ENU to demonstrate the efforts & action plan for carbon neutrality. 11. Recycle the bikes abundant at campus and giving the benefit to students. 12. Regular Dr. bike workshops in campus like heriot Watt and other universities has it. Operation Plan Napier University needs to invest some money which would provide a good return and the project can become self-funded. I am working on an idea that if we can organise a community, where students can volunteer their hours to rebuild the old bikes. These rebuild bikes can be provided for hire for a short time to students on small fee or if someone wants to volunteer some hours instead. We can also run sessions like Dr Bike repairs. We do need a full time staff for this as well, who will be responsible for the management. This can be your cycle officer who already go through the repair courses and other skills related to cycles. If you want to involve students there are many ways to make them feel give and take. Investment in this project would provide a good return and the project Has potential to become self-funded for Napier University. I have personally bought a bike from gumtree £30, took it to Wee spoke hub, did the service by myself and replaced some old parts. The Wee Spoke Hub is a community bike workshop space at the Shrub Swap and Reuse Hub in central Edinburgh. It is a friendly, relaxed and non-profit cycling initiative aiming to overcome barriers to cycling. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 5-8pm some volunteers offer people the opportunity to learn how to fix their bikes in a relaxed and non-patronising way in our community bike workshop space at the Shrub. University can provide the similar platform where students can built their bikes and volunteer some time to help other students to fix issues with their bikes. I purpose university can work out a partnership with this organisation to build some bikes that can be used to provide Bikes for hire in the campus. University can rebuild some old bikes as done by Velow Bikeworks ( These bikes can be issued to students just like university provide laptops on lease to students. Napier University can start the pilot project through partnership with Wee Spoke Hub. University can build some bikes with the help of volunteers and using the facility of wee spoke hub. In return student can lease the bikes for one semester and return it after the time. They can re-issue that but need to provide some volunteer hours which can be converse in details. However, if someone can’t effort the time to volunteer then the person can pay for lease that can be worked out.
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