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Extensions, Deferrals and Appeals

Are you Fit to Sit? Has Covid-19 or any other health/personal issue affecting your ability to study? Edinburgh Napier University has updated its guidance relating to extensions, deferrals and extenuating circumstances in light of the ongoing pandemic...


fit_to_sitThe University has issued new advice and guidance for students and wishes to assure all students that the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic has been and will continue to be duly considered.

They state that no student will be academically disadvantaged as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic with regard to final assessment marks and classification of awards.

If your studies have been impacted by Covid-19 or any other health or personal issue, you can request a short 10 day extension. If this isn't long enough, you could alternatively request a deferral to the next available assessment sitting.

Check out the full statement on MyNapier. It includes important information on:

  • Extensions
  • Deferrals and Retrospective Extenuating Circumstances
  • Publication of Trimester 2 Results and Academic Appeals
  • What about the impact of health and personal issues which are not related to Coronavirus?
  • The summer assessment period and trimester 3
  • Where you can get advice, information and support

If you need any further guidance with any of the procedures, or feel you aren't getting the support promised by the University, get in touch with ENSA Advice at