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Welcome to NUSC!

Don't want to read a paragraph?  Check out our Trailer Video here!

Who are we? - We are a club at Napier University with weekly socials, race and freestyle training and our infamous holiday abroad in January every year! 

What can you get up to?

Weekly Socials - With some brilliant bar and club sponsors you are bound to have a good night out with NUSC and will meet some brilliant people!

Taster Sessions and Lesson Block - Never tried snowsports? Well you’re in luck! We have tutored taster sessions at hillend to give you a taste of the good life! We also have lessons (info still to come) which you can book to get your sliding skills up to scratch!

Race and Freestyle Training - Fancy flying down the slope trying to beat your slow-ass mate or landing that trick you only thought was able to be done by those mental guys at X-Games… yeah so do we! With weekly training slots on a Wednesday afternoon at hillend dry ski slope you’re bound to be up with a chance for competing against the best! We are hoping to take our NUSC Competition Team Members all over the UK this year to compete in as many events as we can! Make sure to chat to Yasmin on a social night out to get signed up to be a part of the team and how we are going to kill it at BUDS!

Holiday - APRES, APRES, APRES! Common lets have some fun in the snow! Every year we travel abroad to France to have a week of shenanigans, memories and sick tricks bro… alright too cheesy i get it! The renowned NUSC trip is not one to be missed! The trip will be released at the end of september (a week earlier for members) so make sure to put it in your calendar as it sells out RAPID!


So what do you get if you buy a membership… well quite a lot! We like to keep out members happy so here ya go! There are two types of memberships you can buy! 

CLUB MEMBERSHIP - With a club memberships you will get access to all of our amazing clothing, apparel, food, club discounts as well as a wee goodie bag of NUSC apparel for you to enjoy! You will be able to attend taster sessions and trip to Braehead (Glasgow) which we visit multiple times throughout the year. Wait wait wait theres more! You also get early access to our January trip WHICH SELLS OUT RAPID!

TEAM MEMBERSHIP -  “Alright i didn’t know you were chill like that…” With a team membership you get everything included in the club membership plus travel to and from training every week for free, entry and travel covered for all competitions all over the UK (worth almost 5x the price of the team membership!) We are also getting some teamwear which we will be looking to get your input on on what clothing we get and the designs!

NUSC is undoubtedly the biggest & best club to join at Napier. We've won the best club award numerous times in the last few years & we’re famous for our epic socials and our crushing victories on the competition scene.

Everyone is welcome at NUSC, from complete beginners to seasoned snow pandas! We cater for everyone and being an active member means you will get the most out of the club. Whether you’re keen for an awesome snow holiday, want to learn something new, already got your backflips down, or just want to come along to our infamous socials and meet the best group of people, we’re ready for you!

Keep an eye out for our upcoming events on our Facebook page.

And keep up to date via our Instagram as well!

We look forward to seeing you at our next social! If you have any questions about the club, fire us a message on Facebook or the club email:

We also have a LinkTree which we'll keep up to date with all our current and important links, and member's offers from our sponsors.  

Any queries speak to the committee on Instagram @napiersnow 

Much Love,
NUSC Committee

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