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We are a group of students who enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons. You may have seen Dungeons and Dragons (D&D for short) on TV shows such as Community, The IT Crowd or Stranger Things and wondered what it is. So, what is D&D? D&D is a fantasy role-playing game, set in places based on medieval times, with magic and monsters abound. You play with your friends to complete quests, battle monsters, find hidden treasure and so much more, all with the use of sword or silver tongue. It is a game based in imagination and therefore has no limits, with the help of your Dungeon Master, you could be the heroes whose tales are told for generations.

Whether you’re brand new to pen and paper games, or are a seasoned veteran, why not come along and give it a go?

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Nikhil Reddem
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VP Sports and Societies

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