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Award-winning society for anyone who loves theatre. Experienced or not, talent on or off stage, we have something for everyone: acting, directing, lighting and much more.


Napier University Drama Society (or NUDS, as it is affectionately known) is a group of students dedicated to putting on amazing shows for peers, parents, strangers - basically anyone willing to buy a ticket. We are one of the oldest and most popular societies at Napier University.

If you like, love or live any aspect of theatre or theatre production, you just found your new home. NUDS is always open to people who want to act, direct, produce, manage, advertise, build props, work sound, take photos, be loved, buy the next round of drinks - you’ll be welcomed and appreciated and challenged and rewarded and soon enough you won’t even remember what life was like before NUDS. When we call ourselves a family, we genuinely mean it.


The year begins with ice-breakers, improv sessions and workshops, followed by tonnes of socialising. Some weeks will just be fun nights at our favourite pub, but for others we really push the boat out. We’re talking karaoke sessions, days out to some of Edinburgh's tourist attractions, theatre trips, fundraisers and many more!

Once everybody has gotten to know each other we start to focus on our productions. This would include our main stage Winter show traditionally written by our very own members. The show is usually a comedy guaranteed to have the audience in stitches. Our 2019  Winter production was a funny, self-referetial and self-deprecating show about the woes of putting on a show, titled “Don’t Make a Scene”. It was also written by two of our memebers!

In the second semester, as we welcome our international students, we organize more icebreakers and events to reunite the society after the holidays and get back into the swing of things. The main production of the semester is our Easter show that is either chosen by the society or again written by some of our talented members.


For the last five years, the society has also put on a Fringe Show, which for the last three years, has been self-written. The Fringe show is an all-singing, all-dancing musical that runs throughout August, which has so far been very successful. Our show last year was called ‘In Space: No one can hear you sing!’ and got great reviews!

And don’t ever let it be said that we don’t know how to throw a good party. Aside from the blow-out after-show festivities, we also host our very own awards show: The NUDS Oscar’s! Our biggest and classiest event, this is our main opportunity to show the love, dress up fancy, with personalised (and occasionally outrageous) awards handed out to every member alongside the more traditional Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Techie and so on

We are always striving to put on the best shows we possibly can, and you could definitely be a part of that journey. Bring your talent and ideas and have a fantastic year with us at the Napier University Drama Society!