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Do you know that the gym isn’t the only way to get fit? Pole Dance is the perfect way to get fit, dance, and make new friends.

The Pole Dance Club has been running successfully over the past several years and continues to grow and develop each year. It doesn’t matter if you’re a gym fanatic or a complete beginner, we welcome all to join our club. You will surprise yourself with how quickly you learn and how confident you will become by learning this new skill.

Our classes are all taught by top-class trained professionals at the PIVOT POLE studio in the Biscuit Factory.

We have monthly workshops, along with weekly Flex classes; to increase flexibility and our normal pole classes. We have something for everyone with BASICS, to flow work, even strength & conditioning training in each class.

Every pole class is welcoming to all abilities and the team at pivot pole and the pole dance club is very friendly and accepting. We have the facilities to make our classes adaptable to neurodivergent members by reducing the noise or lights in class* so they can be enjoyable for all.

The enjoyable atmosphere extends itself further into our socials with night and day social events throughout the year, you will get the opportunity to meet some great new people and enable you to make lasting friendships and memories with our club that you will nurture forever. Meet our committee and keep up with all things Napier pole dance on our Instagram and Facebook.

*Please message us through our social media before your class so we can facilitate these accommodations and inform our instructors.

If you’ve missed our taster week give us a message on one of our social channels, we always welcome new people. All classes are sold through the PIVOT POLE studio website.

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President Sport Wellbeing

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