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Hello! I am Opeyemi Akindehin, you can call me Ope (Or-peh) for short. I am your newly elected Co-President for Education and Employability. I also just completed my Masters in Environmental Sustainability at Edinburgh Napier and I am ecstatic to be in this role. 

I plan to help students achieve the best they can from their education by ensuring that their voices are heard, and concerns tended to. I plan to have a good rapport with Programme Representatives, to have an insight into issues they might be facing and proffer solutions on how to best solve them. 

I also plan to work closely with the University’s Student Futures team to provide awareness of current job opportunities and placements for students who are ready to go into the Job sector. 

Lastly, I plan to work collaboratively with my fellow ENSA officers to ensure that students are aware of the benefits of the association and encourage students to make the best of their university experience.

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