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Whilst we strongly advise you against the use of drugs, if you do take drugs, make sure you take precautions: 

  • Avoid using needles and do not share them.  
  • Don’t share snorting apparatus - especially during a pandemic.
  • Don’t do drugs on your own or with people you don’t know well and trust.  
  • Keep hydrated (a pint of water sipped gradually over 1 hour is fine) but don't drink too much, too quickly. 
  • Don’t mix use of drugs and alcohol.
  • Keep cool – if you are clubbing, take regular breaks and get some fresh air if you get hot on the dancefloor.
  • Try and eat an hour or so before doing drugs. 

Get informed and support 

Crew 2000 is a drug information and advice service that provides support to anyone using drugs such as cannabis, speed, ecstasy or cocaine. Trained volunteers are young people who have good knowledge and understanding of the issues involved. 
Know the Score offers confidential information and advice about drugs 



Alcohol is often seen as a big part of socialising. Consumed in moderation, it can bring some fun to the party, but beware of excess alcohol drinking.  

  • Alternate a glass of water and alcohol while you are out to stay hydrated.
  • Stay with your friends if you are out and consuming alcohol.
  • Beware of drink spiking in pubs and clubs.
  • Try and eat before drinking alcohol - avoid drinking on an empty stomach.
  • Don’t mix use of drugs and alcohol. 

Get informed and support 

Drinkline is a national helpline for anyone concerned about their alcohol use (or someone else's).

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