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GeouHi everyone, I am Geou Akshil SK, the President for Societies and Communities. Coming from India as an International student to study MSc in Renewable Energy, I’ve had a blast of a time in Edinburgh. I like parties, hikes and having a good time. A believer in practicality and your voice is my power.  

Though I am an engineer, my love for nature and people has kept me moving across a variety of jobs through my life and now I’m here as the person to listen to students and make the best possible effort in accomplishing the targets set for my tenure in the office as President.  

Bringing campuses back to life through fun events and campaigns, being with students to understand their concerns, communicating the power of student representatives, building a greater network to bring interdisciplinary works, showing sustainable growth through student engagement, climate change chapter and ultimately representing student voice are some of my interests. 

The student voice is the most powerful tool for change, and we can accomplish this together. Let’s enjoy this journey of togetherness, you are our voice, and I am a believer in change! 

Geou Akshil SK 

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