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Hello everyone,

I'm Ryan Cairns, your new co-president for sport and well-being! I've been a student at Edinburgh Napier University for four years, studying Sport and Exercise Science. Being a lifelong resident of Edinburgh, I'm well-acquainted with the area and its sporting community.

Throughout my life, I've actively participated in various sports, with volleyball being a highlight of my time at Napier. In fact, I've served on the committee for four years, starting as a secretary and eventually becoming the president in my final year.

As I embark on this role, my main focus is to achieve growth and learning opportunities. I aim to increase student engagement in sports and introduce more recreational training options for different activities.

Furthermore, I'm committed to promoting inclusivity within Napier's sports community, ensuring everyone feels welcome and has equal opportunities to participate. Lastly, I strongly advocate for the significance of mental and physical health, and I intend to support and raise awareness about both aspects.

I'm thrilled about the possibilities that lie ahead and eager to collaborate with each of you. Together, we can enhance the sporting experience and foster a culture of well-being at Edinburgh Napier University.

Thank you, and I look forward to the journey ahead!

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