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cheating in exam

As a student at Edinburgh Napier University, you are expected to approach your work with academic integrity. This means that you should produce written work with diligence and honesty and acknowledge when ideas have drawn upon the work of others.  

Academic Misconduct is a breach of the University Regulations. It may lead to disciplinary action and interfere with your academic progress. Penalties can range from a reduction of mark in your assessment to being withdrawn from the University. 

Academic Misconduct includes: 

  • Plagiarism: “unacknowledged incorporation in a student’s work, either in an examination or assessment, of material derived from the work (published or unpublished) of another.” This includes poor referencing. 
  • Self-plagiarism: “The use or re-use of a student’s own work (material), the work having previously been submitted for marking.” 
  • Collusion: “Complicity with another student in the completion of work which is intended to be submitted as either that student’s or the other student’s own work” or “knowingly permits another student to copy all or part of his/her own work and to submit it as that student’s own work.” 
  • Cheating: Using unauthorised materials in an exam or the act of copying from another student in an exam. 
  • Bribery: “the paying, offering or attempted exchange of an inducement for information or material intended to advantage the recipient in an assessment.” 
  • Personation: “the assumption of one student of the identity of another person with the intent to deceive or gain unfair advantage.” 

What Happens if You are Suspected of Academic Misconduct

If academic misconduct is suspected, the allegation will be investigated by an Academic Conduct Officer or the Academic Conduct Committee. 

You will be asked to provide a written statement with evidence or to attend a meeting. Our advisers can support you throughout the process, provide you with guidance on writing your statement and accompany you to the meeting. 

E-mail us on if you receive an email from the Academic Conduct Officer (or book your appointment online to get help). 

Additional Information

Students are encouraged to access the University's Academic Skills support services if you wish to improve your academic skills. 

Further information about academic integrity and plagiarism may be found on My Napier.  

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