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Vocational courses, such as Nursing, Midwifery, Veterinary, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Social Work and PGDE, carry with them expectations of professionalism, and are covered by strict codes of conduct set by their professional bodies. 

Students on these courses must demonstrate that they are at all times in good health and of good character in order to pursue their studies and qualify. This means they must be fit to practise.  

The day-to-day oversight of your adherence to professional standards is delegated to Edinburgh Napier University whose job it is to prepare you for final registration. The University’s rules which cover breaches of professional standards are called Fitness to Practise Regulations.  

If the University has concerns about your conduct, the Fitness to Practise regulations will be invoked. Concerns may arise from an incident that takes place within or outside the University. 

Examples of students’ conduct that may raise concerns are: 

  • Misuse of Social Media, 
  • Any health issue interfering with your ability to carry out your duties or the safety of patients 
  • Conduct that causes concerns for the students’ own safety or that of others inc. Health and safety issues on placement, 
  • Conduct that is damaging or dangerous to others, 
  • Breaches of the University code of conduct, 
  • Breaches of the University Accommodation code of conduct, 
  • Misbehaviour out with the University, 
  • Academic misconduct (cheating/plagiarism etc) 
  • Any matter reported to the Police and that may involve a court hearing  

Outcomes of the process range from implementation of a support plan to being withdrawn from the course. 

If you are called to a Fitness to Practise hearing, make an appointment with ENSA Advice.

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