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Edinburgh Napier University puts students at the core of everything it does and aims to provide an environment that supports students to succeed.

Most students will go through their university journey without encountering any issues. However, unfortunately, things can go wrong. If you are dissatisfied with a service the University is delivering, unhappy with the delivery of your course or have been victim of harassment, then you may raise a complaint with the University. 

Edinburgh Napier University has a Complaints Handling Procedure that you are invited to follow should you wish to submit a complaint. Any matter of complaint will be investigated through a fair, efficient and transparent process.

Further information on the complaints procedure is available on My Napier.

Informal Resolutions

Whenever possible, you will be invited to consider informal resolutions. This usually results in a faster and more positive process. The following options may be explored: 

  • Talk to your PDT or Programme Leader. Write down your points so you do not forget anything.
  • If your complaint is related to an academic matter, have a chat with your Programme Rep (they should be listed on Moodle) to see if they have any experience to offer you or if they can take up your concern. 

Failing either of above, talk to ENSA Advice who can go with you to meet your PDT or Programme Leader if you wish us to. You can book an appointment here. 

If the informal approach does not work and/or the problem persists, then a more formal approach may be necessary. Talk first to ENSA Advice or the University's Complaints Officer (ACCO)

Class complaints 

  • Find out who your Programme Rep is (on Moodle) and let them know your concerns: be specific and evidence what you are saying. Reps are trained by ENSA in how to take things forward at class level. 

  • If things go unresolved, Programme Reps can get in touch with 

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