Black History Month 2020

October is Black History Month. As the political climate across the globe continues to intensify, we must continue to look to our historically marginalised communities to lead their revolutions. Black History Month serves as an opportunity to reflect upon the history of the Black community in the UK and beyond.

Over the course of the month we are participating in a series of webinar events involving several Universities from across the UK. These webinars will all be hosted on zoom and all students are welcome to tune in. Attendees will have the opportunity to feed into a Q&A session during each webinar.

The webinars are run in collaboration with:

  • Royal Holloway University (Hosts)
  • University of Bradford Union
  • Edinburgh Napier Students’ Association
  • Union of Students University of Derby
  • King’s College London Students’ Union
  • Lancaster University Students’ Union
  • Swansea University Students’ Union
  • Teeside University Students’ Union
  • Worcester Students’ Union
  • Ulster University Students’ Union


Thurs 1 Oct, 6:30pm
BLM: A Movement, Not a Moment
Part of #BlackHistoryMonth
Being Black
Monday 5 Oct, 6:30pm
Being Black in Higher Education
Part of #BlackHistoryMonth
Wednesday 7 Oct, 6:30pm
Looking Beyond Education as a Black Student
Part of #BlackHistoryMonth
Monday 19 Oct, 6:30pm
The role of Universities in Racism and Anti-Racism
Part of #BlackHistoryMonth
Thursday 22 Oct, 6:30pm
Intersectionality in the Black community
Part of #BlackHistoryMonth
Being Black
Tuesday 27 Oct, 6:30pm
Practicing Allyship:
Part of #BlackHistoryMonth
Being Black
Thurs 29 Oct, 6:30pm
Beyond Black History Month
Part of #BlackHistoryMonth

Ankit Duggal
ENSA President

Ankit is ENSA’s President. If you need any information or advice about anything relating to events, campaigns or ENSA in general, contact Ankit and he will tell you all you need to know.

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