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MovemberWe are supporting Movember and encouraging all students and staff to take part to raise awareness about mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer. By growing moustaches, hosting events, or setting personal fitness goals, we’ll join millions of people around the world who are helping men live happier, healthier, and longer lives.

If you are keen to take part, join our Edinburgh Napier challenge where you can see how you are doing compared to other teams and individuals at the University.

You can either fundraise on your own or as part of a team with your sports club, society, course, department or friends!

How to sign up to the Edinburgh Napier Movember Challenge

Joining as an individual

First you will need to sign up with your personal details

  1. Go to the Movember site and create an account using your personal e-mail address
  2. On the “How Will You Fundraise” screen, select how you plan to raise funds
  3. On the Join Your Team Mates screen, select “Skip” at the top of the screen (we can sort this part later if you’re creating/joining a team)
  4. On the Personalise Your Fundraising Journey screen, select “I’m fundraising with my University”
  5. In the search bar type “Edinburgh Napier University” and select it from the list below.
  6. Visit the Edinburgh Napier Challenge page and select “Join this Challenge”

Joining the challenge as a team

  1. If you want to create or join a team (e.g. for your club/society/course), follow steps 1-5 above but instead of doing step 6, go to your account details and select “Team”.
  2. You will then be asked to create a team or join a pre-existing one.

    If somebody has already set up a team for your group, you can simply type its name here in the search bar and select it from the list that appears.

    If you need to create a team, you can give it a name here, select what type of team you are creating e.g sports, uni and then on the next screen, search for “Edinburgh Napier University” as the organisation you would like to join.
  3. You can then tell your team members the name you gave your group so they can join it or invite them in using their e-mail addresses.
  4. Visit the Edinburgh Napier Challenge page and select “Join this Challenge” then “as a Team” 

Joining if you already had an individual or team fundraising account previously set up

  • You can join the Challenge at any point through the month, just go to the Edinburgh Napier Challenge page and select “Join this Challenge”.

Throughout the month you will be able to check in to the Edinburgh Napier Challenge page to see how you are getting on compared to the other challengers!

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