Don't Let Stress Be a Pest

stressThe exams and assessments period can be a really stressful time of the year so it's important to take care of yourself and not become overwhelmed by the pressure.

Follow our top tips to try and beat the stress during your exams:

  1. Have a revision space that’s your ‘work area’, at home, in the library or even in the park.
  2. Ask your friends and family to support you.
  3. Eat regularly and ensure meals are nutritional and varied. Drink plenty of water.
  4. Help your peers: have group or one-to-one study sessons.
  5. Timetable some fun - but try to avoid too much alcohol.
  6. Get plenty of sleep, have a wind-down before going to bed.

Also try and follow these relaxation tips to help you get through your assessments:

  1. Pause for thought - introduce small moments of relaxation into your day.
  2. Gently breathe in through your nose and mouth, keeping the pace slow and even.
  3. Your favourite tunes can help you switch off. Tracks with a slow tempo are a good choice.
  4. Where were you happiest? Think of that moment and imagine you’re there.
  5. Gentle exercise like yoga, tai-chi, pilates or a stroll in fresh air can help you unwind.

Make sure you are aware of the University's 'Fit to Sit' procedures. If anything goes wrong with your health or personal life that has an impact on your studies, there is a process in place to support you.

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