Nasir Khan

ekamdeepName: Nasir Khan
Running for: Co-President for Sport & Wellbeing
Course: MSc Renewable Energy
Year: 1
Matric: 40578819

Hello, I’m Nasir Khan and I am an international student from Pakistan and enrolled in the master program of ENU in the field of renewable energy. I am running for the role of Co-president for Sport and Wellbeing (session 2022-23).

Countries where sports grounds are full their hospitals are empty. Sports and wellbeing cannot be ignored in our modern-day society. There are no shortcuts in achieving dreams however by working in a community that challenges your abilities on everyday basis makes the best out of everyone. There are many difficulties faced by students especially those students who want to be an athlete but can’t afford it financially or due to their studies. Some face difficulty in finding the right coach while other struggles with finding opportunities. Sports are the best tonic to recover from the trauma caused by COVID-19 and its variants. For this purpose, I step-up and decide to run for the Co-Presidency for Sport and Wellbeing.

My role is to make sure that every student regardless of the gender has equal opportunities in sports. In order to solve different problems faced by national and international students I will work with the university administration and different clubs to provide them talented students that have passion for playing sports. Also I will push for more financial support through sponsorships and funding. I will work in collaboration with other sabbatical officers to create a workable termly Campaigns Calendar.


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