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Programme Rep details now available on Moodle

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In response to your feedback, Edinburgh Napier Students Association (ENSA) and Information Services have developed two new Moodle blocks.

These have been designed to improve the visibility of your programme site and your programme representative, and also to help you keep up to date with your library borrowing.

My Programme

This block displays your programme title and leader, and links to your Moodle programme site if one exists. The block also makes it easy to contact your programme representative where one exists.

As not all programmes have a representative and we’re always looking for more

(please note that these are only available for UK-based programmes).

For further information please visit:

Library Loans

This block makes it easy to view your personal Library loans and keep track of your due dates.

An orange book icon means the item is due today, and a red icon means it is overdue. You can also easily link to your Library account to view loans and renew items.

Customise your Moodle homepage

Both blocks appear automatically on your Moodle homepage and you can easily move, minimise or remove any blocks by clicking Customise this page at the top right of the screen and using the icons as required.


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