The ENSA 50 is a forum that launched in session 2019/20. It aims to bring together a diverse group of 50 students who represent the full breadth of the student body.

ENSA 50 contains a mix of undergraduates and postgraduates, Programme Reps from each campus, sports and societies office holders, direct college entrants, 1st years and international/EU students. 

This group will focus on much more than just programme-related issues, looking at the wider student experience at Edinburgh Napier University. ENSA 50 is about bringing about positive change in student lives. 

We hope this new student forum will be an active, enthusiastic and engaged group, keen to bring new campaigns to campus and help us to tackle wide-ranging student issues. If you want to be part of this and can contribute your ideas, energy and commitment, we would love to hear from you!

How the ENSA 50 is made up: 

  • 3 x Full Time Elected Officers
  • 30 x Undergraduates
    • Minimum 2 per School
    • Reserved Places for:
      • 3 x Direct Entrants
      • 3 x Non-UK Students
      • 3 x 1st Year Students
  • 8 x Taught Postgraduates
  • 3 x Programme Reps
  • 3 x Sports Office Holders
  • 3 x Society Office Holders


If you are interested and would like to know more about what ENSA 50 hopes to achieve, or how you can get involved, get in touch with Heloisa.

This term the meetings will be held online via webx. The first meeting of term will be held from 5-7pm on Tuesday 29 September.


ENSA 50 link: https://edinburghnapier.webex.com/edinburghnapier/j.php...

Password: ENSA50

Heloisa Fyfe
VP Reps and Volunteers
VP Reps and Volunteers

Heloisa is ENSA’s Vice President Reps & Volunteers. If you need any information or advice about anything relating to being a rep, the ENSA 50 or volunteering, contact Heloisa and she will tell you all you need to know.

Email Heloisa