Play Your Part: Coaching & Support Pathways

Edinburgh Napier Students' Association (ENSA) through Team Napier and VBase link into academic programmes and provide a wide range of access points to enhace your personal skills and assit with your chosen skills development. 

The "Clubs" section of the Pathway details how Team Napier clubs are supported through the process of filling a coaching or support staff vacancy. 

The "ENSA Internal and External Students & Staff" pathway details the process of personal development and support available to a student or staff member undertaking a coaching or support role in a Team Napier or Community club.
Click on the image to enlarge and see how your team can improve and become more sustainable  through this Coaching Pathway. 
Email for a further discussion with our Sports Development Coordinator who will support you or your club reach it’s potential. 

Office Holder Roles and Skills Development

Click on the images to see what skills you could be developing while you are helping your club or society

Team Napier are looking to develop further and give students an improved sporting experience.  All positions are voluntary and commitment levels are open for negotiation. Hours can be logged on VBase!

Team Napier Sports Club Volunteering Opportunities

Additionally it has been recognised that more coaches and support staff are needed to develop in various sports and activities.  Many of our teams play in BUCS (British University and College Sport) Leagues against other teams in Scotland and the UK.

If you are interested in any of the above positions please contact the ENSA Vice President for Sports & Societies or Sport Development Coordinator by emailing


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Beth Wallace
VP Sports & Societies
VP Sports and Societies

Beth is ENSA’s Vice President Sports & Societies. If you need any information or advice about anything relating to sports clubs and societies at Edinburgh Napier, contact Beth and she will tell you all you need to know.

Email Beth Teamnapier

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