Grant Awarded for The Lion's Gate

ENSA has been awarded a grant of £2,660 for The Lions’ Gate and community gardens to help the Edinburgh Napier University community to reduce local carbon emissions through growing produce...

Open Minds Napier Competition Winner

After receiving a great variety of submissions for the "What does consent mean to you?" art competition, Open Minds Napier is pleased to announce that the winner is Shannon Wilson, a 2nd year Graphic Design student!

Excellence Awards 2021

ENSA’s Excellence Awards are your chance to recognise the staff and students at Edinburgh Napier who have made your student experience truly ‘excellent’. Nominations are now open!

Reclaim These Streets - ENSA Statement

On Monday the 8th of March we celebrated Women’s Day - and we committed to choose to challenge any instances of sexism, misogyny, and gender-based violence.

NUS Letter to Scottish Government * Updated *

* UPDATE - £30m pledged * NUS Scotland have just sent a letter to Nicola Sturgeon asking for increased hardship and digital funding as well as calling for compensation on rent, tuition fees and no detriment policies in each college and university....