NUS Scottish Conference Election Results

6 students have been elected to make up ENSA's delegation to the NUS Scottish Conference in Dublane on 15-16 March.

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Student Council - February 2018
Student Council - 07/02/2018

All Programme Reps are called to attend the second Student Council of this academic year, on Wednesday 7th February from 1pm in the Lindsay Stewart Lecture Theatre, Craiglockhart Campus. The meeting is open to all students, however only Programme Reps are eligible to vote.


Show your support and solidarity with our International Students on 14th February! Join our #LoveBeyondBorders campaign on social media!

Going 'dry' is not just for January!
Going 'dry' is not just for January!

Can you stay off the booze for a month? We challenge you to make a healthy start to 2018!