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gambling_supportMany students will naturally be looking to dive into new experiences as they kickstart their university life. And while some students may think gambling could be fun or exciting, there are things to be mindful of to ensure it doesn’t go too far, particularly with new student loans and financial commitments later in the year.

Signs that your gambling is getting out of control

For any students who are gambling at university, here are five signs to be mindful of:

1. Preoccupation – Often thinking about or planning to gamble can be one of the early warning signs that gambling could be harmful. It can affect your studies by distracting focus away from assignments or taking your attention away from important lectures.

2. Withdrawal – Removing yourself from social and professional situations so that you can place a bet is another warning signal that your gambling might be going too far, and that the urges to gamble are potentially harming other areas of your life.

3. Escape – Student life can be overwhelming at times, and you might feel like you want to escape it for a while. Using gambling as a coping mechanism is a sign of harmful gambling and can lead to losing significant amounts of money.

4. Chasing losses – The main motive of gambling is to win money but during a gambling session, that motive can change. Chasing losses is where your motive from winning money changes to winning back the money you have already lost. This can be dangerous and lead to significant losses.

5. Lying – If you find yourself hiding how much you are spending or lying about the amount of time you are gambling, or perhaps asking for money to cover bills that you are spending. These are just some signs that gambling is harming your life, and possibly risking your relationships with family and friends.

Support Available

gambling are you worried

Are you worried about your own gambling or the gambling or someone close to you?

GamCare offers a confidential support service to young people who are worried about gambling. Their dedicated team provide advice and support via phone, text or email, at a time that suits you. They also have an online message board that is available 24/7.

  • The first step is to have a chat with one of their team. They will listen to your worries, explain your options, and provide helpful advice.
  • If you decide you want further support, you will agree on a plan together and GamCare support youto achieve your goals.
  • Support is tailored to suit your needs, including how and when you would like them to contact you.

E-mail or call 0808 802 0133

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