Mental Health

jonWhen I was elected as ENSA president, I felt this would be a great platform to show the University the importance of health and well-being, and in particular student mental health.

Personally, I have known close friends to suffer from mental health issues and a big driving force of this campaign comes from this, and the desire to raise awareness for a wider student demographic.

Within this campaign there will be a number of events and activities arranged throughout the term to promote good mental health through initiatives such as Healthy Body, Healthy Mind and the Student Mental Health Agreement.

During my first few months in the role I have developed a strong relationship with the University's Mental Health Team and I hope to progress this throughout the coming year. Keep an eye on the website for updates, and if you would like to get involved in the campaign, please get in touch.

Jonathan Fraser
ENSA President 2018/19

Ankit Duggal
ENSA President

Ankit is ENSA’s President. If you need any information or advice about anything relating to events, campaigns or ENSA in general, contact Ankit and he will tell you all you need to know.

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