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A great way to boost your CV, get work experience and improve your employability is through volunteering. There are a variety of reasons why you might choose to become a volunteer.

  • to give something back to the community
  • to support a cause you feel passionate about 
  • to make connections and build networks 
  • to experience new and unique opportunities
  • to develop your skills and abilities 
  • to identify further learning opportunities
  • to explore what might be a new career path
  • to be challenged and rewarded

Where to find volunteering opportunities

Volunteer Edinburgh

Volunteer Edinburgh is a volunteering agency that supports and prepares people to volunteer in Edinburgh. Their website compiles all the volunteering opportunities available in the area. You can browse the options here.


There are plenty of ways that you can volunteer and enhance your employability through your students' association. 

  • Become a Programme Rep and volunteer your time by representing the students on your course.
  • Represent Edinburgh Napier students as part of Student Council.
  • Become part of the committee of your ENSA sports club or society or start your own!
  • Become part of our Freshers Welcome Team or help us run some of our events.
  • Contact to ask about how you can get involved and keep an eye on our website for any new opportunities. 
  • Our Equestrian Club offers volunteering opportunities with Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA). RDA is great for any level of experience and they offer training to allow you to gain more confidence and knowledge about horse care and management. You'll learn new skills, make a difference, meet new people, be part of a team, enjoy the outdoors, and have a great addition to your CV!

Student Futures

The University's Student Futures team has links to various volunteering organisations and resources.

Volunteering as part of your course

Most courses at Edinburgh Napier provide the opportunity for you to engage in an external placement of some sort. This might also be called an employability or volunteering module, or professional practice. These terms all cover the same type of experience though - it is about giving you the opportunity to apply and develop your skills in a real-world environment, make contacts and network, and experience working in a professional environment.

Ask your Programme Leader for more information.

Doing your placement with a charity will often have a greater impact than doing it in business environments, as charities are often under-resourced and struggling to cover all that needs to be done. You can be an incredibly valuable resource for them, and make a large difference in the local community and to people's lives.

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