Election Candidates 2018


ENSA are asking all Edinburgh Napier University students to cast their votes in the Big Student Elections next week. You will be voting for which students you want to act as your representatives in the next academic year (2018/19).

The winning candidates will work for your Students’ Association for 1 year (starting in the summer) and will make decisions and policies that can have an impact on the student experience at Edinburgh Napier University. They’ll be acting as the student voice to the University, so if you want to make sure the right people are speaking on your behalf, use your vote and have your say!


Voting only takes a few minutes and is done online, either at a computer or on a mobile device. All matriculated Edinburgh Napier students on a UK-based programme are entitled to vote.

ENSA uses the ATV voting system for its elections - find out how it works here.

Polls will be open:

  • Monday 5 to Thursday 8 March: 8am-6pm
  • Friday 9 March: 8am-3pm


If you experience any problems with inputting your date of birth on the voting page using the calendar, please try inputting manually (DD/MM/YYYY) or using a different browser. Email ensa@napier.ac.uk if you still experience problems with this, or any other issues related to the voting page.


The students who have put themselves forward for a role are listed below - click on them to read their manifeso so you can make a decision on who you think will do the best job on your behalf.
If you think the candidates are unsuitable you will be able to vote for "Re-Open Nominations". This is used to indicate that you would prefer the nominations process for the post to be re-opened to allow new candidates to put themselves forward.

Running for President:

Three candidates are running against each other for President. Which one do you want to represent you next year?

JonathanJonathan Fraser
For ENSA President

sagarSagar KC
For ENSA President

arthurArthur Okongwu
For ENSA President

Running for Vice President Sports & Societies:

Only one candidate is running for VP Sports & Societies, however she will still need your votes to get elected and beat the "Re-Open Nominations" option on the ballot.

georgiaGeorgia Moran
For Vice President
Sports and Societies

Running for Vice President Reps & Volunteers:

Two candidates are running against each other for VP Reps and Volunteers. Which one will get your vote?

ashleyAshley McLean
for Vice President
Reps & Volunteers

peterPeter Tungli
for Vice President
Reps & Volunteers

Running for Activities Officer:

2 Students are running against each other for Activities Officer. Who wins? You decide!

kyleKyle Brown
for Activities Officer

bibekBibek Karki
for Activities Officer


When you vote in the Big Student Elections you will be entered into our prize draw. We have 1 x £100 and 5 x £20 Amazon vouchers up for grabs. Winners will be announced in the week commencing 13 March.

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