Ashley Mclean for VP Reps and Volunteers

ashleyName: Ashley McLean
Running for: Vice President Reps & Volunteers
Course: BA(hons) Social Sciences
Year: 4
Matric: 40167344
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Hi, I’m Ashley Mclean and I’m standing to be your Vice President for Reps & Volunteers for the following year. I’m currently in my fourth year of my full-time undergraduate degree studying Social Sciences BA (Hons).

My reason for running is due to my passion surrounding representation and the enjoyment I have found from my experiences volunteering throughout high school and university. The position of VP for Reps & Volunteers would involve a huge deal of networking and engagement with the students at Napier, something I have thoroughly enjoyed doing in my 4 years here.

Since first year, I have been actively involved in ENSA, having been a member of the Drama Society for two years, a committee member, a member of the society exec, and founding and presiding over the Gender Equality Society.

This experience has given me a full understanding of ENSA and the boards and councils associated with it. Additionally, I have volunteered since I was 14 with various charities dedicated to working with young people, helping break class barriers in education, and tackling gender inequality.

If I were elected, my main goals are to work with groups who need greater representation in Napier, such as students with disabilities, student carers, student parents, mature students and those with mental illnesses.

I want to improve on volunteering opportunities within Napier by creating accredited roles for volunteers, work with volunteering modules to provide support for those completing them and creating volunteering events that aim to raise awareness for issues present in Napier and the wider community.

I want to build upon the current course representative programme by providing more accreditation to class reps, create more of a community amongst class representatives and finally, to encourage more engagement with class reps to continually improve upon the reputation of Napier.


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