Arthur Okongwu for President

arthurName: Arthur Okongwu
Running for: President
Course: BEng (Hons) Electrical Engineering
Year: 3
Matric: 05015218

  • International.
  • Integrity.
  • Independent.
  • Integrated.
  • Inspiration
  1. Integrating the student community with the Teaching and Research Staff to achieve the best synergy that guarantees knowledge, development and research transfer.
  2. Integrating the international student community with the home student community. Working with community interest groups to achieve a get together that creates a unique forum for international students and home students to meet in a relaxing and refreshing environment.
  3. Working with the Research School team to ensure that research students are able to focus on what is best for them without fear.
  4. Negotiating on behalf of the students for more exchange and placement opportunities.
  5. Creating a University that is open to varied opinions within the constraint of the law. Undertaking this mandate by encouraging debate. Negotiating intensive debate forum with other universities 
    and motivational organizations.
  6. Seeking entertainment partners that provides an affordable entertainment package for students.
  7. Creating awareness of the benefits of sponsoring Edinburgh Napier students to undertake apprentice, internship and industrial visits to industries and businesses.
  8. Negotiating volunteering and travel packages with international and Local Charities to secure affordable products, packages and services for Edinburgh Napier students.
  9. Working to secure better inter-campus commuting with local transport.
  10. Working to secure more sustainable placement situation for nursing and allied care students.
  11. Negotiating better arrangement to ensure that student are able to learn best practices from other universities across the globe.


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