Peter Tungli for VP Reps and Volunteers

peterName: Peter Tungli
Running for: Vice President Reps & Volunteers
Course: MSc Business Management
Year: 1
Matric: 40121789
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My name is Peter Tungli, an ENU postgraduate student. I am an experienced rep and a member of the Business School LTA committee. I would like to be your VP Reps & Volunteers.

During our studies, we come across issues, which are difficult to deal with. The solution often lies closer than we think, at our programme rep. Us reps serve as a bridge between students and staff. Our responsibility is to forward the needs of each student, to the university. In addition, we are there for you to guide you towards the solutions to your problems. Being a part of ENSA, we share the vision of continually enhancing the student experience at Napier. Further, we try to build an environment, where each student can reach their full potential. Sharing this vision personally, my aim is to contribute to the development of ENSA’s goals. These manifest in the following missions:

1. Improve the communication between students and staff

  • Develop new and improve existing communication channels
  • Introduce module reps (For joint modules)
  • Expand rep training

2. Contribute to building a Napier community

  • Form groups through social media
  • Various events (Social, Networking, entertainment)
  • Co-operate with the university

3. Rep-life

  • Rep Hoodies
  • NUS cards
  • Encouragement/Empowerment of Reps

Achieving these aims will require a strong, competent and experienced leader. Someone, who creates a platform for students to develop and reach their potential. My two degrees in management support my competence in leadership. Being a Napier student for nearly five years has provided me with knowledge and understanding of the university. My abilities as a programme rep were acknowledged by our fellow students with an ENSA Excellence Award. These are the reasons, which make me the ideal candidate. Vote Peter for VP Reps & Volunteers and let’s take a step towards our goal, together.


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