Amin Ullah for Merchiston Campus Officer

aminName: Amin Ullah
Running for: Merchiston Campus Officer
Course: MSc Computing with Professional Placement
Year: 1
Matric: 40457556

Education has always been something close to my heart and that's why I put forward myself for this position.

As an officer, I saw firsthand the devastating effects that a lack of support can have on students, and I feel passionate about knocking down the barrier that too often stops students from achieving their passion. As a student, I personally addressed a number of different obstacles, ranging from extenuating circumstances to lack of resources. who are frequently let down. I will work to ensure all students have constant support and direction.

Education is not about home students versus international students, science versus arts, or campus versus campus, it is about creating a united student body that I will work with in partnership.

Priority 1: Empowering the student voice

The most important part of this role is to listen to students and what they really want and what happens in college. A variety of goals for this position would be to talk to many people.

  • Course advisors where students who wish to share their experience will support students throughout the year.

Priority 2: work with student’s reps and students to make the system work for all

After my time in office I have spoken to a number of student’s reps and support staff, from this I have numerous idea to enhance this service.

  • Set up internships for head reps for each faculty, to offer support not only to student reps in their faculty but also students.
  • Create an anonymous platform, available for all students, to remove fear of giving negative feedback. in addition to this create an online forum for student’s reps, for them to share experience and advice.
  • Ensure that student rep election is done in a democratic and consistent way.

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