Chet Kumari Sunuwar for Activities Officer

chetName: Chet Kumari Sunuwar
Running for: Activities Officer
Course: Msc Global Hospitality
Year: 1
Matric: 40483183

My name is Chet Kumari Sunuwar, I'm from Nepal and I am currently studying MSc global Hospitality at Craiglockhart Campus running to be your next activities officer. As an international student, I was isolated by myself with various problems with very little guidance on what to do and very few events that I can get involved into to get along with the students. I am a professional dance teacher and I believe activities are crucial within student in terms of connection, confidence and building bridges! I have organised a lot of activities, gathering, and sponsorship during my time as a student.

If elected, I will:

  1. Campaign to have a free shutter bus connecting students from all 3 campuses for various activities together.
  2. Napier is known for its diversity, I will organise and celebrate home and international students to mix those diversity and actively create dance classes, yoga classes, meditation and other activities students are keen on.
  3. I will campaign for better mental health support for all students as it should be our number one priority.
  4. Campaign to ensure that there is 0 tolerance policy against racism, homophobia and misogyny.
  5. As PostStudyWorkVisaNow Campaign member, I will support other officers in continuing support for post study and international students support including our EU students as well as campaign for full time International officer. 
  6. I will campaign to have bigger freshers week, discount offers in night clubs for our students as well as cheap gym membership and other facilities whilst working closely with all sports and societies holder creating better and friendly deals for them at ENSA.

Please Vote Chet Kumari Sunuwar, #1 to be your Activities officer.

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