Matthew Akinpelu for VP Reps & Volunteers

matthewName: Matthew Akinpelu
Running for: VP Reps & Volunteers
Course: MBA Leadership Practice
Year: 2
Matric: 40333905

Great Napier Student!

I believe the founding members of this Association began this journey on the basis that YOU MATTER. I believe that you are not just a student, but a reputable stakeholder of this great institute.  

I am running for the position of Vice President for Reps and Volunteers because I want to make your experience here great. Besides serving with passion, I believe that as a VP I will be able to bring about effective change through various initiatives given my commitment to taking action and delivering results. I want to amplify your voices and bridge the gaps to promote inclusiveness and transparency.  

What will I do? 

  • I will LISTEN to you, ACT on what you share and give you FEEDBACK on actions taken. #LAF (Listen! Action! Feedback!)
  • Improve Unity and Collaborations among students across the three campuses.
  • Advocate for free re-useable cups for every student across campuses that champion’s a greener campus.
  • Improve Students mental health and well-beings via initiatives.
  • #ListenAgain: I will continue to advocate for the introduction of more lecture’s recordings. I believe students' interests are the most important and "Listen Again" automatically improves the quality of education. It helps students whose English is not their first language. It also helps students to double-check materials and helps those who study or work part-time.

Why me? 

As an advocate and change agent, with years of experience volunteering and working for top international organisations accompanied by awards and getting invited by the UN SDGs body to engage in Global discussions, I will bring global experience to work for you.  

It all comes down to you now and your friends to vote me in the coming election. Together, we will make the university a more engaging and more enjoyable experience.

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