Ndilipomwene Sheekuli for President

sheekuliName: Ndilipomwene Sheekuli
Running for: President
Course: Msc Healthcare Management
Year: 2
Matric: 40339956

It is said that Big things come in small packages and I agree. My name is Ndilipomwene Sheekuli, studying Msc Healthcare Management. I am married to student activism.

During my Student Movement:

  • Was elected as the NUS Scotland Executive Committee member where I fought for Post graduate student issues across Scotland.
  • Was elected as the General Secretary of Federation of International Student Association India and Namibian Student Association securing scholarship for all Namibian students from the Namibian government
  • Chairperson of the JSS University student council securing separate accommodation for international students.
  • Helped Napier student from being deported due to fee issues and academic issues.

If elected, I will:

  1. Fight for better mental health support including more Puppy Therapy and additional councillors across all Campus and additional support for parents and carers.
  2.  Fight for rent guarantor schemes and against homelessness and for cheaper and affordable housing for all students.
  3.  Campaign for lecture capture all across Napier.
  4.  Campaign for full time international officer and provide more support and training for all part time officers including reps, sport and society holders.
  5. Support lecturer including EIS and UCEA strikes as their living conditions are our learning conditions.
  6. Campaign for ZERO tolerance policy against racism, homophobia and misogyny.
  7. As an active member of PostStudyWorkVisaNow campaign, I will continue to fight for Post study and lobby more support for our international students including EU students post Brexit.

I am running because we have lost grassroots activism and the problems are affecting our students more and more every day. We must elect a leader that can relate and truly fight for your problems.

Leadership is all about action rather than just position.

Vote for Sheekuli #1 – my guy, your guy and our guy for ENSA President.

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