Rijan Karki for Merchiston Campus Officer

rijanName: Rijan Karki
Running for: Merchiston Campus Officer
Course: Msc Advanced Structural Engineering
Year: 1
Matric: 40484550

My name is Rijan kaki. I'm from Nepal and I am currently studying MSc structural engineering in Merchiston campus. I have enjoyed my times at Napier but I also struggled with many issues and I thought of standing up for the change that we deserve as student. As a international student, I was isolated by myself with various problems and I believe each student deserve better support hence why I am running for the election to be your next Merchiston Campus Officer.

If elected, I will :

  1. Campaign to have napping pod in JKCC and shutter bus connecting all 3 campuses and campaign for free reusable cups.
  2. Campaign to have prayer space for all religions and faith and for zero tolerance policy against racism,  homophobia and  misogyny.
  3. Campaign to get Lecture capture and timely feedback for all courses.
  4. Fight for rent guarantor scheme as well as cheaper and affordable accommodation for the students. 
  5. As a member of PostStudyWorkVisaNow Campaign, I will continue to campaign so post study is implemented properly whilst providing additional for international students including fees cap and support for EU students including a campaign for  full time international officer.
  6. I will campaign for better mental health support and additional support for parents and carers.

Vote Rijan Karki to be your Merchiston Campus officer.

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