Activities Officer

ENSA Activities Officer

Volunteer Role. The ENSA Activities Officer is an unpaid, volunteer role, but has full and equal voting rights on the ENSA Student Executive.

Eligibility. To be eligible to stand you must be a current student of Edinburgh Napier University registered to a programme of study and be intending to continue on your programme after the summer vacation. Your election is subject to a cross campus ballot of the students.

Purpose of the Role. The role of the Activities Officer is to work with ENSA elected officers and staff to help plan, organise and deliver a range of campaigns, activities and events for students.

Time Commitment: average 4-6 hours, more around key campaigns and events, less around exam time. 

  1. Contribute ideas and help publicise activities aimed at Edinburgh Napier University Students.
  2. Get involved on a practical level in the delivery and logistics of these events, on and off campus: campaigns for change and to raise awareness, providing practical support for social and sporting awards events (not fixtures), pop-up unions, Union Bar events and so on.
  3. Create a cross campus profile for ENSA and your role by regularly making yourself available to students through pop-up unions and other activities. Listen to their ideas and concerns about their student experience.
  4. Attend regular meetings (every 2-3 weeks) of the Student Executive: bringing proposals to improve the student experience to it; scrutinising the proposals of others; helping make good policy through discussion, reporting on your activities, holding other elected Executive members to account for what they do, or do not do.
  5. Attend Student Councils (of programme reps) and Forums (4 per year in total) and make yourself available for questions about your role from the reps and the students.
  6. Attend Executive Training and Programme Rep Training.
  7. Help out with ENSA events such as Freshers Week, campus wide and national campaigns on student issues.

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