Campus Officer

ENSA Campus Officers

(2 for each campus)

Volunteer Role. Campus officer is an unpaid, volunteer role, but has full and equal voting rights on the ENSA Student Executive.

Eligibility. To be eligible to stand for election you must be a current student of Edinburgh Napier University registered to a programme taught on the particular campus you wish to represent. You should also be intending to continue on your programme after the summer vacation. You are subject to election by all the students registered to a programme on your campus.

Purpose of the Role. The role of Campus Officer is student representation and improving the student experience for the students at your campus.

Time Commitment. 4-6 hours per week during term time (more at freshers, less around assessment hand-ins and exams).

  1. Create a campus profile for ENSA and your role by regularly making yourself available to students on that campus and listen to their ideas and concerns about their student experience.
  2. Problem solve on collective issues about programmes, support and facilities on site. Make representations to University staff to get student issues resolved.
  3. Support the work of programme reps onsite and help them be heard by the people with the power to change things for the better.
  4. Attend regular meetings (every 2-3 weeks) of the Student Executive: bringing proposals to improve the student experience to it; scrutinising the proposals of others; helping make good policy through discussion, reporting on your activities, holding other elected Executive members to account for what they do, or do not do.
  5. Attend Student Councils (of programme reps) and Forums (4 per year in total) and make yourself available for questions about your role from the reps and the students.
  6. Work with the other Campus Officer on your campus to share the work, including participation in the work of a few University Committees, with a view to improving students’ academic experience and their support and facilities.
  7. Work with other Campus Officers across the other campuses, and with other Exec Members and ENSA staff on issues and projects of cross campus concern.
  8. Help out with ENSA events such as Freshers Week, ENSA campaigns, and joint projects.
  9. Attend Exec Training.

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